Oxford Nanopore has launched its two new “109” cDNA kits, which provide high throughput while generating complete sequences of full-length cDNA strands with a low input option of just 1ng PolyA+ RNA.

The two new kits are the Direct cDNA (SQK-DCS109) and PCR-cDNA (SQK-PCS109) kits. When combined with upgrades to the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platforms and software, these kits can deliver effective enrichment for full-length transcripts. The DCS109 kit removes the need for PCR entirely, and thus removes bias, while the other kit allows high throughput from low RNA input and gives the option to start from total RNA.

The new cDNA kits are available to use on all Oxford Nanopore devices, letting all types of user generate very high yields of transcriptomic data for high-resolution novel isoform discovery, identification of low copy number transcripts and de novo sequencing of entire transcriptomes to high coverage.

The new method allows users to sequence entire transcriptomes to high coverage on a single MinION flow cell (10-15 million reads x full length transcripts). It gives substantially higher throughput capabilities on PromethION, or quick but smaller assays on Flongle.

The new cDNA solutions let users sequence millions of whole transcripts end-to-end in one read, letting them perform accurate isoform-level transcriptome characterisation and differential gene expression profiling at the same time without compromising on cost, computational complexity or workflow complexity.

Delving deeper into the transcriptome lets researchers better understand how an organism’s DNA is interpreted at any one moment. This could better inform treatment in healthcare and provide a quick method of identifying viruses.

Both kits are now available to buy on Oxford Nanopore’s site.