Oxford Nanopore has made its Flongle starter packs available to purchase, following an early-access testing programme. The Flongle machine allows for smaller, on-demand DNA sequence testing at low cost. Flongle currently costs $90 per flow cell and has a library preparation of around ten minutes.

Flongle, an adapter for the desktop GridION X5 and portable MinION sequencing devices, uses the same core technology as these other instruments to produce real-time data and long reads. Currently, Flongle flow cells can produce around 1.8Gb of data, with headroom for more then 3Gb.

Flongle starter packs can now be found in the Oxford Nanopore store. These packs include the Flongle adapter and can be run on either a MinION or GridION device

The company said that protocols are being made available and use the current preparation kits already compatible with MinION, GridION and PromethION.