Oncology and precision medicine company Strata Oncology has announced the launch of its expanded StrataNGS test 3.0 for patients with advanced cancer. The test analyses 500 genes for three particular immunotherapy biomarkers, microsatellite instability (MSI), tumor mutational burden (TMB) and PD-L1, to better inform use of precision treatments.

The expanded test employs both RNA and DNA sequencing to detect mutations, small frame-preserving insertions/deletions (indels), amplifications, deep deletions, de novo deleterious mutations, gene fusion events, and MSI, TMB, and PD-L1.

It is provided free to advanced cancer patients enrolled in the company’s trial at its partner health systems. The updated assay gives validation of 36 gene expression markers which represent emerging immuno-oncology and antibody-drug conjugate targets, and returns results in a report within ten business days. While the biomarkers are not yet reported clinically, the data will be available to Strata Oncology and investigators at its partner cancer centres for analysis and new trial design.