SOPHiA GENETICS’ Solid Tumor Solution (STS) molecular diagnostic application has received CE-IVD designation, a standard in solid tumour detection. The application detects and characterises all types of genomic alteration in 42 clinically-relevant genes related to solid tumours across a number of cancer types, and runs on the Sophia AI platform.

The CE-IVD marking is given to demonstrate a commitment to maintain a strong focus on delivering dependable and accessible solutions to hospitals, with the application currently used in around 920 hospitals across the globe.

The company said that its solution had been highly optimised to deliver extreme precision and accuracy, with the ability to find single-nucleotide variants, insertions and deletions, as well as gene amplification events. The technology can also identify microsatellite instability status in six loci related to colorectal cancer, which is recommended for all patients with the disease.