Compression software company Petagene has announced the addition of “Petasuite Protect” to its body of genomic data projects, giving users the ability to encrypt and manage access to genomic data, as well as ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

According to Petagene, the size of genomic datasets and the needs of a number of privacy regulations cause big problems with genetic data security. To alleviate these issues, Petasuite Protect will add FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 regional encryption to current compression technology.

The software has the ability to provide detailed access to genomic data files, allowing for extra control and deep auditing of usage. It also allows different users access to different regions within the same file. This is compared with current exome and sequenced whole genome data permissions, which are often granted on a whole-file or whole-object basis.

The new encryption and access capabilities are entirely transparent to genomic tools and analysis pipelines. Details of those who gave permissions, and when, are recorded for the data owner in a searchable cryptographic ledger, which also stores information relating to how the data is accessed and used.

Fast efficient streaming from object storage can also be obtained, with access to data possible for remote teams.