Some stories, though unrelated to our usual field, are just too interesting to ignore. This is one of them. 

There could be another universe right next to our own: a mirror universe that goes a long way to explaining many of the inconsistencies and questions we’ve found in our own. Leah Broussard, a physicist working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is working towards finding this hidden space which could contain mirror atoms, molecules and whole planets to our own.

The universe would be a total mirror of our own, but with everything – words, people, countries – flipped. 

The theory, Broussard said, could go towards explaining anti-matter: a substance that is believed to account for a large portion of the matter in the universe, but that has so far not been found in anywhere near the quantities there should be.

It could also explain dark matter, the as-yet unobserved substance believed to account for more than 95% percent of the universe.

Following experiments with neutrons, Broussard believes that matter and anti-matter are able to shift from one universe to the other – explaining where much of the dark matter that is meant to be in our universe actually is.

In order to test their phasing theory, Broussard’s team is preparing to fire a beam of neutrons at an impenetrable wall and see if they phase through to the other side.