Understanding and tackling metastatic cancer is the single biggest opportunity to improve outcomes for the most cancer patients.

But it also represents a huge opportunity to (1) improve the development of existing cancer drugs, (2) reverse declining clinical success rates in oncology, (3) drive the development of new therapies, (4) treat more aggressive cancers and improve survival rates for metastatic cancers and (5) to develop new preclinical models and testing approaches.

We are proud to present the World Metastasis Summit, which will take place in Boston, MA this November.

This multi-disciplinary summit is for cancer/metastasis researchers, drug developers, clinicians, patient organisations and technology companies. The wide-spectrum of attendee backgrounds is a core strength of this meeting, which is one for the entire oncology community. Unlike other (excellent) metastasis meetings, the focus of this summit is translational.

We will explore and discuss:

  • The development and use of new, clinically-relevant models of metastasis to support experimental therapeutic studies and research, and reveal new insights that are not apparent when undertaking standard preclinical studies. .
  • New therapeutic opportunities for (1) specifically targeting metastatic disease, and (2) to support the performance/development of existing cancer drugs.
  • The translation of a fast-growing wealth of metastasis research into new cancer therapeutics. Where are the next giant-leaps likely to be made?
  • How advances in CAR-T and other immunotherapies is impacting our understanding of advanced cancer and metastasis.
  • AI and other data-driven approaches to support anti-metastatic therapy development.
  • The discovery of new targets relating to metastasis, and the most likely candidate targets for impressive future breakthroughs.
  • The role of metastasis research in reversing the declining rate of oncology clinical trial success.
  • Alternative approaches to tackling metastatic cancer, such as cancer metabolism and the emerging influence of the microbiome.
  • The development of new early diagnostic technologies relating to metastasis.

Speakers: We have had an incredible amount of support from the oncology community in putting this event together. As a result, the speaker line-up is unrivalled in terms of it’s breadth and depth of experience and ideas, including world-renowned cancer researchers, global pharma companies, emerging biotechs, tech companies and innovative, young researchers.

Pricing and Access: This is a socially-motivated event, and prices to register are much lower than for a typical conference enabling the oncology community to access this event is the priority, over profit.

Vendors: There is no better place to showcase your metastasis-related product or service than at a focused, multi-disciplinary meeting like this. Sponsorship also subsidises low ticket prices, so in doing so you are also supporting the event and the oncology community overall. Contact Richard Lumb for more details on sponsorship/exhibition opportunities.

Thank you. So many people/organisations from the oncology community have supported the production of this event. We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you!