ParisFrance has continued to ban people from ordering commercial DNA kits as part of the country’s Bioethics laws. These laws were widely expected to be relaxed and DNA Pass, an advocacy group, are increasing pressure to get these tests legalized. In an excellent feature article, STAT investigated the competing arguments surrounding this issue and potential next steps.

The bioethics laws bans medical genetic tests as well as genealogical ones. For those wanting to know their origins and ancestry, they must resort to ordering tests through other means, such as a willing American package forwarding firm – but they are breaking the law by taking them.

Although no-one has been prosecuted or fined for these spit-in-a-cup tests, it is a hefty fine to risk – 3,750 Euros – for those curious about their DNA. Nathalie Jovanovic-Floricourt, a pro-legalization advocate for DNA Pass – whose tagline is, “My DNA, My Origins, My Right”, has taken many of the available tests and has demanded to be tried in court, but has been refused so far.

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