Curoverse launch software on Microsoft platform following “clear demand” from customers.

Arvados, an open-source platform for managing and processing genomic data, has been made available to institutions via Microsoft Azure. Software company Curoverse, the largest contributor to Arvados hope that through Azure the system can provide institutions with capabilities for managing and processing large scale genomic data.

“We saw clear demand for Microsoft Azure from major institutions collecting and analyzing genomic data,” said Adam Berrey chief executive officer at Curoverse. “Microsoft Azure offers powerful capabilities and broad institutional support for research and pharmaceutical organizations, so we are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to deliver Arvados on Azure.”

Already being adopted by major genomic sequencing centres in the US, Europe and Asia, Arvados focusses on big data management issues arising from next generation sequencing. Through the collaboration with Microsoft, Curoverse is planning to help customers take advantage of Azure’s powereful data-handling capabilities. Unlike other available platforms, Arvados can be installed on any institutions existing Microsoft cloud infrastructure, maintaining data integrity and security.

“We are committed to empowering scientists and health professionals to solve the world’s biggest challenges by offering choice and flexibility of technology,” said David Heckerman, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Corp. “As a service layer on top of Azure, Arvados accelerates scientific discovery and clinical diagnostics using genomic and health data. The Arvados platform builds on Azure with advanced capabilities for managing large collections of files and reliably running reproducible computational workflows.” 


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