Claritas Genomics have selected NextCODE Health to help improve their genomic capabilities.

Claritas Genomics and NextCODE Health announced their partnership today. They will be working together to expand the use and power of genomic sequencing in the diagnosing and treating of rare diseases. As an affiliate of Boston Children’s Hospital, Claritas offers DNA-based diagnostic testing services to thousands of children with genetic disorders every year.

The partnership with NextCODE will allow Claritas to speed the delivery of genetic test results for more children and improve the link between research and clinical care. Claritas researchers have successfully developed over a hundred validated tests for single genes associated with pediatric disorders as well as dynamic whole exome-based tests. These tests have been integrated directly into NextCODE’s clinical interface, giving Claritas staff integrated access to proprietary and public data. It is hoped that this system will greatly increase the speed at which genomic information can be used to inform clinical reports.

Patrice Milos, CEO of Claritas, stated “NextCODE’s system supports identification of known mutations, enables us to rapidly home in on novel ones, and visualise them on screen, linking the sequencing information to our information on the child’s clinical condition.”

This is an interesting initiative to help streamline the reporting of actionable genomic information in a clinical setting. As healthcare moves to integrate genomic technologies, introducing efficient processes and time saving platforms is sure to have a very positive impact.