23andMe & Genentech partner to find new therapeutic targets for Parkinson’s

23andMe are a company that divide opinion, however Tuesday’s announcement will be welcome news to all. The direct-to-consumer testing group will be working with Genentech to generate whole genome sequencing data from an estimated 3,000 Parkinson’s sufferers. The data will be used to identify new potential therapeutic targets.The sharing of Parkinson’s data is strictly opt-in and anonymised. 

In the initial phase of the agreement, 23andMe will contribute data from their existing Parkinson’s disease community, which Genentech will use for drug development purposes. At the end of the agreement, 23andMe will be able to conduct their own research on the data to be made available to the wider Parkinson’s research community.

This is a great move by both parties involved and shows how direct-to-consumer companies can have a positive impact on helping to treat the diseases they screen for.

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