Huawei, WuXi AppTec and WuXi NextCODE launch Chinese national-scale cloud infrastructure for genomic data

It’s no secret that the field of genomics is attracting some big global players from the tech world. Big household names like Google and Amazon. Now Chinese tech giant Huawei has entered the field, partnering with established genomic data experts WuXi NextCODE and WuXI AppTec to launch a cloud-based infrastructure to support the Chinese Precision Medicine Initiative.

Called the China Precision Medicine Cloud, the collaboration aims to combine cloud computing from Huawei with genomic and medical expertise from WuXi. While full details of the Cloud are yet to emerge publicly, WuXi NextCODE’s platform currently underpins several other major genome-driven medicine initiatives, including the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project, the Qatar Genome Project, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. 

“We are focused on unlocking the full potential of precision medicine in China,” said Hannes Smarason, COO of WuXi NextCODE. “This is a big data challenge, and what we are creating here is the fusion of the largest scale genomics platform and the leading China cloud network. It is a win-win for China Precision Medicine and its impact here and around the world.”

Huawei’s move into genomics should prove interesting. They have financial muscle behind them, and are a major name in the Asia Pacific, and Middle East and North Africa regions. If you’re living out in the western world, you might find yourself oddly familiar with their logo. That’s because the company is maintaining an expansive marketing campaign to enter Europe and the Americas. To state it simply, Huawei is an ambitious company with the potential to do exciting things in the genomic landscape.


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