Start up, 10X Genomics, to start offering long-read solution leveraging existing Illumina technology.

Long-reads are set to be ‘the next big thing’. Theral Timpson, of Mendelspod, even went so far as to call them the “Story Of The Year” in his piece in our magazine. Researchers wanting to start generating long-reads have had the difficult task of deciding whether or not the benefit will justify the spend on an entirely new sequencer.

10X Genomics present an alternative that will significantly lower costs to make long-reads much more accessible. Their solution is compatible with Illumina’s, already widespread, technology. This allows researchers to keep using their existing platforms, extending their lifespan and maximising initial spend ROI.

After nearly three years, 10X Genomics are making their debut at this week’s JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. For more on this story, take a look at Luke Timmerman’s article for Forbes ‘Stealthy 10X Genomics Raises $55.5M To Beef Up DNA Sequencing‘.

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