Pfizer sign up to 23andMe’s Research Portal. 23andMe planning to announce a total of 10 similar deals this year.

Pfizer are joining Genentech in partnering with direct-to-consumer testing company 23andMe. The deal will allow Pfizer to use 23andMe’s, opt-in, data repository to identify novel therapeutic targets and to help shape clinical trial design.

23andMe previewed their newly launched Research Portal at ASHG 2014. With two of the biggest names in Pharma an Biotech, Pfizer and Genentech, already on board, it appears that the service’s potential is being very well presented. Following the FDA related backlash against 23andMe, any success stories resulting though use of their portal might see their reputation change very quickly. The company is planning on announcing a total of 10 deals with pharma and biotech this year. Two done, eight to go.

For more on 23andMe’s plans, take a look at Caroline Chen’s article for Bloomberg.