Human Longevity will be conducting whole genome sequencing and analysis on Genentech samples.

Human Longevity announced a multi-year deal with Genentech, to conduct whole genome sequencing of tens of thousands of de-identified samples from Genentech.

“We are excited to be working with Genentech so that patient samples can be analyzed according to more precise genetic categories,” said J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., Human Longevity CEO and Co-Founder. “At Human Longevity we have built unprecedented capabilities for whole genome sequencing and interpretation to enable a wide array of advances in health care. The application of our capabilities to discover new diagnostics and targeted therapies is one of the most relevant today.”

This agreement comes shortly after Genentech were revealed to have partnered with 23andMe on Parkinson’s. This is part of their commitment to incorporating a strong genomic approach to their drug development.

“Genentech’s goal is to harness the power of widespread whole genome sequencing to identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostic biomarkers,” said James Sabry, senior vice president and global head of Genentech partnering.  “We are pleased to join forces with Human Longevity and leverage their expertise in DNA sequencing and analysis along with scientific expertise to accelerate our drug discovery efforts and ultimately bring to market promising new therapies for patients with serious medical conditions.”


You can read Human Longevity’s press release here.

For a more in depth look at Human Longevity’s progress Gary Robbins gave a nice write up for U-T San Diego.