Exciting Startups: Tute Genomics

A few startup companies are really catching the eye at the moment by having a big impact in genomics or presenting potentially disruptive ideas. We’ll be bringing these to your attention, and would welcome your thoughts on them and nominations for other companies to get excited about.


Who: Tute Genomics

Who are they: Utah based company that has leveraged its machine-learning expertise into a cloud based genome analysis application.

Why they’re exciting: Genomics is a data centric field. Tute Genomics make the application of sophisticated computer science very accessible to researchers who might not otherwise have the experience to do so. The big upshot is that researchers will be able to do more, much faster.

Find out more: www.tutegenomics.com


What do you think? Leave a comment below or drop us a line at contact@frontlinegenomics.com with your thoughts on Tute Genomics, or nominations for exciting startups.

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