Exciting Startups: GENALICE

A few startup companies are really catching the eye at the moment by having a big impact in genomics or presenting potentially disruptive ideas. We’ll be bringing these to your attention, and would welcome your thoughts on them and nominations for other companies to get excited about.



Who are they: Dutch ICT experts solving genome analysis bottlenecks.

Why they’re exciting: There are a lot of exciting data analysis startups offering to make life easier for you. What GENALICE have is extreme confidence in their product, and a willingness to prove it. Since their inception in 2011, they have developed at a rapid pace and launched with a 24-hour live event where they analysed 42 human genomes (and 42 tomato plants with the spare time). They were determined to prove that they could perform analysis quickly without producing a massive file at the end. Average human genome analysis: 25 minutes. Average file size: 4GB

Find out more: www.genalice.com/


What do you think? Leave a comment below or drop us a line at contact@frontlinegenomics.com with your thoughts on GENALICE, or nominations for exciting startups.

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