Robin Thurston

Robin Thurston, CEO, Helix / Business Wire

Clearly it’s CEO season. Last week Francis deSouza took over the reigns at Illumina, and today Helix have announced the appointment of Robin Thurston as chief executive officer. 

The co-counder of MapMyFitness and former chief digital officer at Under Armour will bring some serious clout in developing major digital platforms to bear in making Illumina’s vision of an ‘app store‘ for personal genomics a reality.

“As an industry, we’re at the starting point of understanding how our DNA impacts all aspects of our lives — from our ancestry and lifestyle, to our health and wellness,” said Robin. “I’m thrilled to join such a brilliant team and to partner with some of the world’s biggest companies to help people make more informed everyday life decisions based on their DNA.”

In a personal article on LinkedIn, Robin described what he sees as the role for Helix in the future of personal genomics and precision medicine. “I believe one day in the not-so-distant future, every person on the planet will have their genome sequenced,” he writes. “We have the potential and responsibility to not just help these individuals, but to also further research and accelerate developments in life science, which is truly exciting to me.”

“Over the last several months, the Helix co-founders have been quietly building a world-class team, a high-throughput lab and a secure genomics data infrastructure,” stated Jay Flatley, Chairman of the Helix Board and Executive Chairman of Illumina. “Robin is an exceptional choice for CEO and will no doubt help take Helix to the next level as DNA sequencing is poised to go mainstream.”

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