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Exciting Startups: GenomeNext

A few startup companies are really catching the eye at the moment by having a big impact in genomics or presenting potentially disruptive ideas. We’ll be bringing these to your attention, and would welcome your thoughts on them and nominations for other companies to get excited about.


Who: GenomeNext

Who are they: Partnership between JHC Technology and Nationwide Children’s Hospital (Ohio) delivering genomic analysis with speed and precision.

Why they’re exciting: Churchill. The core technology that drives their analysis, developed by Dr Peter White and his team at the Biomedical Genomics Core at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It’s very fast, and very accurate. The JHC side of the partnership is bringing their existing cloud expertise to make it all work securely and smoothly. A very exciting startup and one to keep an eye on.

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What do you think? Leave a comment below or drop us a line at with your thoughts on GenomeNext, or nominations for exciting startups.

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