Stanford Medical School plans to make genomics a standard part of patient care, and has brought Google on board to make that happen. Launching towards the end of this year, the School’s Clinical Genomics Service will enable doctors to access extensive genomic databases, made available in cloud form by Google Genomics. Also housed in the cloud will be a suite of services to analyse the DNA data and compare patient information to reference sequences to identify clinically significant variants. 

Lloyd Minor, dean of Stanford’s School of Medicine said, “In the past few years, the amount of available data about health care has exploded. While researchers are learning to integrate this big data, putting it to work for individual patients, in real time, is a huge challenge. Our collaboration with Google will help us to meet this challenge.”

At present only the university will have access to the Google Cloud data, and to protect patient security all information will be encrypted and stored in secure US-based servers. 

For more information on this partnership, check out the Stanford Medicine News Center.

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