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Genomics and biodata offer some pretty exciting and diverse business opportunities, but realising that potential and building valuable commercial operations that can have a genuine impact on healthcare is a considerable challenge.

This week, the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus is launching a new course – Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research – that aims to equip professionals with the business skills to translate early-stage technologies. According to a recent report from Deloitte, academic success in genomics in the UK is not being reflected in industrial success, leaving a big opportunity to commercialise genomics that’s not being acted upon. This was part of the impetus to launch the course, a spokesperson for the Wellcome Genome Campus explained.

“Like others in the field we realised the mismatch between the excellence of the science in genomics and the somehow lagging development of a related industry, at least in Europe. Devising this course is one of our attempt to close this skill gap between great science and great applications.”

The quality of speakers is one of the big draws for this event: from big global players like Illumina and Appistry, to homegrown heroes like Congenica, “there are few events when in the space of 3 days you will meet such senior key players in genomic enterprises, in a 40 attendants-only workshop format allowing for direct interaction,” the Campus explained.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain inspiration and knowledge, and to build a UK community for genomic entrepreneurship. “The aim of this first workshop is to start a community,” they explained. “Professionals and entrepreneurs (attendants and speakers) interested in sharing best practice and keeping in touch.”

You can find out more from the course flyer here, and apply for a spot on the course here.

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