Jennifer Lopez

via The Cable Show/Flickr

As if there wasn’t enough drama around CRISPR already. Trusted scientific source The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that actress Jennifer Lopez will be teaming up with NBC to produce a futuristic crime drama entitled ‘C.R.I.S.P.R’.

Also known as ‘clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats’, THR clarifies, the procedural thriller will be set “five minutes” in the future and will explore a “next generation of terror” in the form of DNA hacking. From a “genetic assassination attempt” on the president, to framing an unborn child for murder.

At the centre of the drama is a CDC scientist, who is paired with an FBI agent to take down a “diabolical genius with a twisted God complex”. No, not Craig Venter, but her former boss (cue dramatic music). Expect cat and mouse shenanigans between mentor and protege as they “battle for control over the human genome… in which the future of our species may rest.”

Will this be remembered forever as the day that CRISPR officially jumped the shark?

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