Cellectis gene edited meal

Guests enjoy the feast of the future / Cellectis

Not content with stirring up the CRISPR patent drama between UC Berkeley and The Broad Institute, French biopharma company Cellectis have decided to go one further an host the “world’s first gene edited dinner“.

(Yep, you read that right. I promise I’ll be good and keep the CRISPR puns to an appropriate minimum).

Clearly a sign that the biotech boom (or bubble?) is alive and well, at least for now, the TALEN-tampered spread featured crops with “healthier characteristics”. Cellectis partnered with its agricultural subsidiary Calyxt to serve “Tofu and soy burgers, Hummus soy, gilt-headbream, lemon, Oven-baked potato pie or Soy with marinated fish and caviar, among other dishes.”

“This dinner – truly a meal of the 21st century – marks a groundbreaking milestone for both Cellectis and Calyxt,” said Dr. André Choulika, Cellectis CEO and Calyxt president. “It not only represents a historic moment for the food, agriculture and biotech industries but also for people all over the world who are in search of an answer to address some of the biggest health issues in today’s society. This meal is a clear indicator of how gene editing will ultimately transform what we put on our plates in the near future. This was the first harvest dinner, and millions of people will be able to experience these same foods in the near future.”

A full guest list for this futuristic feast has not been provided, but STAT News noted that photographs from the event “appear to depict star of stage and screen Neil Patrick Harris seated cozily next to Choulika with a plate full of the near future before him”.

And how was the potato pie? In a word, a bit CRISPR. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

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