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Exciting Startups: Congenica

A few startup companies are really catching the eye at the moment by having a big impact in genomics or presenting potentially disruptive ideas. We’ll be bringing these to your attention, and would welcome your thoughts on them and nominations for other companies to get excited about.


Who: Congenica

Who are they: A UK startup company founded on pioneering research from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, NHS clinicians and genetic testing laboratories.

Why they’re exciting: The people involved inspire a lot of confidence that they really do have the benefit of patients at heart. Of course, what will help them achieve their goals is having the technical expertise to deliver industry leading products. Congenica’s technology has already been independently validated by Genomics England and has the support of NHS clinicians. SAPIENTA is set to be one of the key tools that will facilitate the integration of genomics into healthcare in the UK.

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