A few startup companies are really catching the eye at the moment by having a big impact in genomics or presenting potentially disruptive ideas. We’ll be bringing these to your attention, and would welcome your thoughts on them and nominations for other companies to get excited about.

Who: Human Longevity

Who are they: A genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company, focused on tackling the diseases associated with aging-related human biological decline.

Why they’re exciting: Go Big Or Go Home. That seems to be the basic, yet powerful, context for the formation of Human Longevity. Besides advancing space exploration and developing a truly sustainable and widely accessible energy source, there are few greater challenges than extending the healthy human lifespan.

Yet in pursuing a goal that throws up questions about the very nature of humanity, it appears that Human Longevity are in a better position than most to make incremental advances that benefit patients in the relatively near term too.

Most write-ups of Human Longevity focus on the science, but that’s not the only thing that makes Human Longevity exciting. The three founders are a motley crew of Craig Venter, Robert Hariri and Peter Diamandis. If you know much at all about genomics or cell therapy you’ll already be familiar with the first two. So let’s focus on the third.

Peter Diamandis is perhaps best known for being Chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, whose highest profile initiative was the Ansari X-Prixe for human spaceflight. That’s not the only string to his bow. As of January 2015 he’d launched 17 companies, is a medical doctor, a trained molecular biologist, and has also started two universities, the International Space University and the Singularity University.

I recently listened to one of Tim Ferris’s (best known as author of ‘The 4 –Hour Work Week’) excellent podcasts, an interview with Peter Diamandis. I strongly recommend you check it out. In the interview Peter gave a simple description of Human Longevity. “We’re building the largest genome sequencing facility on the planet, sequencing millions of genomes, and then mining those genomes for data, along with stem cell science. The mission is to add an extra 30 or 40 years to everybody’s life.”

But it’s when you hear Peter Diamandis speak about his perspective on exponential growth and pursuing huge goals that things get really interesting.

Talking about interviewing Astro Teller, the Head of Google X laboratories for his latest book, ‘Bold’, Peter builds on one of Astro’s concepts and goes on to say, “When you’re going 10% bigger you’re competing against everybody. Everybody’s trying to go 10% bigger. When you try to go 10 TIMES bigger you’re there by yourself…with Human Longevity, and trying to add 40 years to the human lifespan, there aren’t a lot of companies out there…”

Take that approach, throw in Craig Venter, Robert Hariri, a kick-ass advisory board (including the very-excellent Gene Myers), genomics, stem cell science and numerous exponential, accelerating technologies – for me that’s why Human Longevity is exciting.

Find out more: http://www.humanlongevity.com/

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