Swedish Cancer Institute integrate Syapse’s Precision Medicine Platform.

Seattle’s Swedish Cancer Institute, one of the Northwestern USA’s leading cancer treatment centers, has announced their adoption of the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform to enhance its Personalised Medicine Program. This is an important step in allowing clinicians to integrate genomic information into patient care.

The program launched in April 2014, and utilises the molecular fingerprint of a tumor with individualised emotional and physical supportive care. The institute developed their own gene alteration panel in partnership with CellNetix PAthology & Laboratories, based on alterations most relevant to treatment options. The additional support provided by the Syapse platform will help deliver more tailored treatment based on more than just the origin of their cancer.

“SCI’s Personalized Medicine Program bridges the gap between community-based care and cutting-edge research by offering genomics-driven treatment to all eligible cancer patients, not just those who have failed second or third lines of therapy,” said Thomas Brown, M.D., Executive Director of the Swedish Cancer Institute. “SCI plans to enroll 9,000 patients in the program during its first three years, and the Syapse platform will be instrumental in advancing this work.”

The new platform will also help propel SCI’s research program and clinical trials forward. Patients will soon have access to early/Phase I clinical trials at The Reid Family Innovative Therapeutics and Research Unit at the Swedish Cancer Institute. These early trials offer novel agents and therapies to patients for whom standard therapies are not available, or not an option.