A new partnership between Indivumed, GmbH and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was announced at the end of January. The agreement details Indivumed’s support of Regeneron’s cancer research programmes by providing access to the tissue samples and the associated, deidentified patient information from Indivumed’s existing collaboration with Geisinger Health Systems.

A Partnership Between Indivumed and Regeneron

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Consenting patients who are already undergoing a surgical tumour resection will provide Indivumed with biospecimens and clinical data. Any tissue or blood remaining after what is required to make a clinical diagnosis will be stored by Indivumed and made available to the Regeneron Genetics Centre.  

“Indivumed’s proprietary tumour tissue dissection, preservation process, and growing collection of high quality tumour tissues will aid Regeneron in developing better tumour models and gaining understanding of our pre-clinical oncology candidates”, said Dr. Gavin Thurston, Vice President of Oncology and Angiogenesis at Regeneron.  “We believe this collaboration will better inform our oncology pipeline, bolstering our ability to bring innovative medicines to cancer patients.”

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The terms of the agreement also contain specifications for a biobanking collaboration, with the intention of supporting sample collection at selected additional sites. The nature of this collaboration is designed to help further develop proprietary biobanking protocols, as well as enabling the full preservation of the molecular profile of the patients involved.

Past research has shown that protein expression profiles can change significantly within a very short timeframe after surgical resection. Controlled and rapid processing of this tissue is therefore vital in understanding the biological differences between tumours and identifying actionable biomarkers. To account for this, Indivumed has established highly standardised processes that limit the time between tissue collection and point of preservation to less than ten minutes, allowing their samples to maintain a high biological integrity and quality.

“We are excited to be supporting Regeneron in its work to develop the next generation of innovative cancer therapies,” Hartmut Juhl, Founder and CEO of Indivumed said. “Regeneron is recognized as a global leader in drug discovery and development.”

The financial terms of the partnership have not been disclosed at this time.

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