IDT Acquires GeneWorks

via Spera

The Singapore subsidiary of Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has completed the acquisition of Australia-based oligonucleotide manufacturing business GeneWorks Pty Ltd. IDT has recently established sales offices in Japan and Korea, and this new acquisition further expands the reach of the company into the Asia-Pacific region.

GeneWorks will continue to provide molecular and cell biology products alongside the associated services, but as leaders in custom nucleic acid synthesis, IDT will now offer GeneWorks customers a wider range of manufacturing options for oligos and other products intended for genomics research. Both companies have stated their commitment to avoiding customer disruption during the transition period.

“With this acquisition, we are furthering our goal of making our world-class products and services more easily accessible to scientists around the world,” Dr. Joseph A. Walder, founder and CEO of IDT said in a statement. “We look forward to availing GeneWorks’ customers of our unrivalled manufacturing capabilities, design expertise, and fast turnaround times.”

The Managing Director of GeneWorks, Peter Guihaus, is likewise enthused. “With IDT, our customers will continue to receive reliable oligo manufacturing and excellent customer service,” he said. “We are pleased to begin the transitioning process and are confident our customers will find working with IDT to be efficient, easy, and cost-effective.”

Specific terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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