20 June 2018

The Exome Might Be Larger Than We Thought

New research has identified nearly 5,000 previously unknown genes, 1,178 of which are believed to code for proteins, raising the estimate of coding genes from 20,000 to 21,000.

19 June 2018

Creating a New Gene in a Single Day

A new DNA synthesis technique that mimics natural DNA replication could make it possible to create a new gene in a single day, according to new research.

19 June 2018

How Can a Baby Have 3 Parents?

The concept of three-parent babies defies what we learned in health class. But how and when is the third parent involved? At what stage? Jennifer Barfield gives us an update on the birds and the bees.

19 June 2018

Destroying Tumours With Gold Nanoparticles

Gold can be used to make jewellery, but also to fight cancer. Several clinical trials are currently underway in the United States where patients are being treated with gold nanoparticles.