Scientists Denied Access to Symposium Raise UK Immigration Concerns

10 October 2018

The scientific community has raised concerns about the state of UK immigration after a number of academics attending the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research were denied access to the country recently. At least 10 of the 200 attendees were affected by the policy, with arguments raised that such policies could impact academic co-operation.

10 October 2018

What Could You Do With 10,000 Immunomes?

A database of normal human immunity has been created by scientists at UC San Francisco, creating an instant comparison group to let researchers use in studies of the immune system and immune dysfunction.

9 October 2018

Illumina Sued By Investors for Fraud

Braden van der Wall and Steven Romanoff, allege that Illumina artificially inflated their stock price through misreporting the company’s earnings in Q3 2016.

9 October 2018

CRISPR Used To Treat Congenital Disease Before Birth

For the first time, scientists have performed prenatal gene editing to prevent a lethal metabolic disorder in laboratory animals, offering the potential to treat human congenital diseases before birth.

3 October 2018

UK To Sequence 5 Million Genomes in 5 Years

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the UK, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, has announced plans for the NHS to sequence 5 million genomes over 5 years.

25 September 2018


SOPHiA GENETICS has announced that they are opening a new headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts to accommodate growing US demand.

7 August 2018

Precision Medicine: A Global Initiative

Despite representing over 40% of the global population, Asians are vastly underrepresented in genetic databases contributing around 1%. We take a look at how FDNA, and other key players are changing this.