31 July 2018

China Sequencing Market Growth Booming

The DNA sequencing market in China is expected to reach 18.3B Yuan by 2022, rising from 7.2B Yuan last year at a much greater rate than the overall global market.

31 July 2018

Hope for Cancer Patients Found in Hair Loss Gene

A gene that’s associated with an autoimmune form of hair loss could be exploited to improve cancer immunotherapy, suggests a new mouse study by Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) researchers.

31 July 2018

DNA Repair After CRISPR Cutting: Not At All What People Thought

To find out which DNA repair enzymes are critical to homology-directed repair after CRISPR cutting, researchers have knocked out, one at a time, more than 2,000 genes known or suspected to be involved in DNA repair, a function critical to a healthy cell.