How the Microbiome Affects Metabolism

19 July 2018

Scientists have found that deleting a single gene in a particular strain of gut bacteria causes changes in metabolism and reduced weight gain in mice. 

18 July 2018

Mental State Impacts Speed of Tumour Progression

We’ve heard the idea that “if you think positively, then positive thing will happen to you”. Well, new research is now suggesting that positive vibes might even slow down cancer!

18 July 2018

Biological Fax Machine Delivering DNA On-Demand

Synthetic Genomics believe its ‘biological teleportation’ — a process in which DNA is digitally transmitted and printed out as synthetic sequences — will soon be mainstream. 

17 July 2018

Can We Use Different Scissors?

A new study has found that the Cas9 gene editing scissors don’t stop cutting after we tell them to. Can we use different scissors?