2 May 2018

How Does Bacteria Eat Antibiotics?

Antibiotics in the environment contribute to drug resistance, but researchers have figured out how some soil bacteria turn the drugs into food.

1 May 2018

CRISPR Patent Battle: Round 2

The US Court of Appeals has heard the oral arguments for the next round of the patent battle between the UC Berkeley and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

1 May 2018

Immunotherapy: Training the Body to Fight Cancer

Armed with new insights into the interactions between cancer and the immune system, research teams are developing novel treatments to harness the full potential of the body’s natural defenses.

30 April 2018

Your Genome May Have Already Been Hacked

When you send off a cheek swab to one of the private genome companies, you may sacrifice not just your own privacy but that of your family and your ancestors.