27 April 2018

CRISPR Technique Turns Off Gene that Regulates Cholesterol in Mice

Biomedical engineers have used a CRISPR/Cas9 genetic engineering technique to turn off a gene that regulates cholesterol levels in adult mice, leading to reduced blood cholesterol levels and gene repression lasting for six months after a single treatment. 

27 April 2018

The Illumina Accelerator Backs Five New Companies

Illumina Accelerator, the genomics-focused startup accelerator backed by the publicly traded Illumina, has revealed that it’s picked five startups for its seventh accelerator class. 

26 April 2018

Shire and Takeda Agree to a Deal – Finally!

After a lot of back and forth, Shire has landed on a proposal worth recommending to shareholders with Takeda. This $64 billion deal, is the biggest in pharma for years.