Is your organization either among the 26 percent currently undertaking precision medicine projects or among the 70 percent planning to implement precision medicine projects within the next two years[i]?

According to a 2017 HIMSS Analytics poll, interest and expectations of precision medicine are high, but rolling out precision medicine services at the point of care has been hindered by funding, technology and expertise.

If organizations want to stay competitive in the future of healthcare, successful integration of precision medicine technologies and building competencies to provide personalized medicine are essential.

But working with multiple companies that offer individual pieces of the precision medicine process can be cumbersome and costly depending on the number of samples an institution is processing. In addition, accessing information from an external vendor via an application program interface (API) can require additional unnecessary steps in the precision medicine process.  

Genotech Matrix is the only organization that offers a cost-effective suite of locally integrated precision medicine solutions for oncology, pharmacogenomics and others. Genotech Matrix can provide a customized front-end platform, link it to bioinformatics toolkits and analysis accelerators for variant calling file generation while accessing a locally integrated and continually updated knowledgebase all from within the organization’s local server. This helps organizations develop an easy, in-house customized precision medicine service that sits within the institution’s firewall.

This local integration allows greater data control, flexibility, usage and access to patient data and minimizes steps in the precision medicine process that one might encounter by working with data outside the walls of their institution. In addition, knowledgebase data can be licensed in part or in whole to supplement what currently exists at an organization.

These precision medicine solutions have been successfully integrated in a number of organizations around the globe from China and Southeast Asian nations to the United States.

Genotech Matrix also offers several biomedical research tools that support antibody approaches for drug discovery.

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We at Genotech Matrix believe in delivering superior bioinformatics solutions that seamlessly integrate into your organization to provide accurate, efficient and cost-effective results that improve the health of patients worldwide.

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