Source: NHGRI

What is it that biopharma companies, research institutions, and healthcare facilities all have in common?

Their interest in genomic data. This also means big business when it comes to processing, protecting, and managing data.

DNAnexus enjoyed a $58 million round of financing led by new investor Foresite Capital, with strategic investment from Microsoft. Existing investors, GV (Formerly Google Ventures, TPG Biotech, WuXi NextCODE, Claremont Creek Ventures, and MidCap Financial also participated to ensure the continued development of the exciting startup.


New technologies continue to make their way into genomics from other data-led fields. We’re already seeing successful applications of Machine Learning through the likes of Sophia Genetics and FDNA, and now we’re seeing blockchain technology provide an interesting solution around data privacy and ownership. It’s gained enough interest for, Luna DNA to have announced $2 million in seed funding for their blockchain based genomic platform. The identities of those investors, could be very indicative of how successful this really could be.

With new and existing technologies increasing what is possible to achieve with genomic data, researchers know that they need to prepare themselves to take advantage of these new opportunities. Not many people know this better than, Professor Mark Gerstein, co-director of the Yale Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Program. 

That’s a big reason behind Genomic 101 guides we produced here at Front Line Genomics. Last year, we worked with Aspera, Lenovo Heath and Pure Storage, on our Genomic Data 101, to help educate their potential clients, position themselves as the go-to solution providers, and generate over a thousand leads. 

Our goal here at Front Line Genomics is to help deliver the benefits of genomics faster. That means helping you, the solution providers driving the field, connect with the people you can benefit the most. 

This year we’re putting together an updated version in response to the demand and new developments in the field – and you can be involved. We’re looking for innovative technologies, and the lynchpin organisations enabling genomic data.