Accurate details of DNA replication by DNA polymerase revealed in beautiful animation

Friday is often a day for distilling all the fascinating¬†things we’ve found down the back of the internet throughout the week, and this morning a colleague left this astonishing animation in my inbox. The image, produced by the 3D animation team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Victoria, Australia may be from two years ago, but is no less awesome for it.¬†

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I’m not a geneticist by training (evolutionary biologist, specialising in insects), and my understanding of how DNA replication works is limited to diagrams from biology text books, in which an amorphous blob labelled “polymerase” chugs along a line of DNA, incorporating multicoloured bars representing nucleotide bases. So this kind of representation is a beautiful eye-opener.

What amazing images or animations have you found from the world of science this week?

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