Poll results and analysis. Bioinformaticians still a preciously limited resource.

What’s More Important In Moving Genomics Forward Right Now?

66% Bioinformaticians – We need more of them
26% Genomic education in healthcare
6% A clear regulatory framework
2% Other

The best ‘other’ responses were:
“Funding and uptake of existing genomic technologies for healthcare.”
“Funding from Bill Gates”

The poll shows that the lack of bioinformaticians is being felt by many of you. It’s a widespread problem that is already starting to be addressed.

The need to translate genomic technology into healthcare shouldn’t be overlooked. The healthcare arena is where most change will take place, and drive the direction and funding of future research. Funding is an interesting issue. With so many high profile philanthropic efforts attached to particular disease areas, maybe it won’t be too long before they start to take up genomic medicine as an important cause to support.

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