The Big Data Era Is Now

8 January 2018

What is it that biopharma companies, research institutions, and healthcare facilities all have in common?
Their interest in genomic data.

6 December 2017

Exomes Are a Transition Test

We’ve caught up with Haim Neerman, CEO of Variantyx, to find out why the clinic is making the move to whole genome sequencing.

6 November 2017

Forever Young?

Patrick Short explores ‘the secret’ to healthy ageing, and whether genetics can lead us to a fountain of youth.

18 October 2017

Why Are There No Real Life Superheroes?

Patrick Short explores why there is no human that’s been born that’s 5x faster than the rest of us, with 7 billion people and opportunities for mutations.

12 October 2017

Paradigm-Shifting 3D Biology

Imagine being able to analyse DNA, RNA, and protein data from a single sample using just one instrument.

29 September 2017

Creating a Community DIYbio Laboratory

This community DIYbio lab based in Boston, USA focuses on molecular and synthetic biology, and offers a space to support individual biohacking projects.  

9 September 2017

Putting People at the Heart of Research

Patients heard about the latest technology on improving diagnosis & researchers listened to what it’s really like to live with an inherited heart condition.