We Are Really Stupid

24 August 2017

Eric Lai of Takeda on why the current drug development method isn’t working.

7 August 2017

The Science of Storytelling

Carl Zimmer will be hosting the panel ‘Game of Genomes: How the Public Can Learn About Genomics Through Their Own DNA’ at the Festival of Genomics Boston 2017

9 June 2017

Innovation by Design

Getting closer to researchers to realise the full potential of NGS, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are building a new wave of innovation

24 May 2017

A Vision For Change

Two leading advocates propose a 1-billion-dollar investment over the next ten years in hopes to resolve issues of trust and increase minority participation in research dramatically. This is their plan

19 April 2017

Re-Imagining the Humble Pipette Tip

As a bench scientist, or perhaps a laboratory clinician, be honest now: how often have you thought about how critical your pipette tips really are?