30 January 2017

Getting the best out of every sample

Nathan Harris of Thermo Fisher Scientific explains how growing levels of automation in molecular laboratories are having an incredible impact on research

10 January 2017

Taking Whole Genome Sequencing Mainstream

Our first Front Line Genomics Roundtable discussion explores what needs to be done at a practical level to integrate genomics into everyday medical practice

18 November 2016

Minority Report

The debate over racial bias in genomics rages on, but as FLG managing editor Carl Smith asks, are we avoiding a larger problem?

24 October 2016

Further bias in personal genomics?

Genomic databases have a problem with racial bias, according to new research. Manuel Corpas has been looking for the same patterns in personal genomics

1 September 2016

How Big Data Drives Scientific Progress

What underlies disruptive scientific advancement? Marc Hogenbirk of Bluebee makes the case that many advances are driven by the availability of data