A group of companies are trying to work together to overcome rare diseases.

RowAnalytics, the Martinos Center, and Envision Genomics have announced that they are combining their world-leading technologies and expertise with IBM Power servers, to create a new, open initiative in precision medicine: GIRO Health.

This initiative will accelerate understanding of the biology of complex neurological and neurodegenerative diseases to improve diagnosis and personalized treatment options. The collective science, technology and clinical know-how behind GIRO Health bring the first-ever combination of clinical genomics, multi-modal imaging and massively combinatorial data analytics to precision medicine with enormous potential to provide new insights for therapeutic R&D, and more accurate diagnosis and selection of patient therapies.

To date, analysis of complex diseases has been limited by analytical technologies that work on single dimensions of data. However, neurological diseases are complex and multifactorial, with combinations of genetic, phenotypic, clinical and environmental factors playing a role in a patient’s personal disease risk, resulting in different clinical outcomes and therapy responses for patients with the same disease. Characterizing this complex disease biology and identifying the most effective treatments for the patient requires integration of all the latest advances in clinical genomics, biomedical imaging, data analytics and AI technologies into a coherent, scalable and patient-focused precision medicine capability.

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“GIRO Health will bring together, for the first time, all the components needed to deliver the benefits of precision medicine at scale for complex diseases,” said Steve Gardner, CEO of RowAnalytics.

“The strategic integration of the founding partners’ world-leading technologies and their ground-breaking analytical capabilities enable GIRO Health to accelerate and scale the application of precision medicine in neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.”

Research foundations, disease specialists and clinical researchers are invited to collaborate in a collective effort to investigate the underlying mechanisms of action, critical pathways and patient care options to aid those diagnosed with diseases including, but not limited to, ALS, MS, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Tuberous Sclerosis and Epilepsy.

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Bill Shaw, Executive Director of the Martinos Center, adds, “We are excited to be integrating state-of-the-art biomedical imaging, genomics, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies in the pursuit of better therapeutic options for patients with complex, multi-factorial neurological diseases.”

GIRO Health will radically transform the scale, speed and accuracy of precision medicine research, and empower and ultimately deliver better health outcomes for patients. It will deliver an end-to-end precision medicine capability, researching new disease diagnostics and therapies, developing patient stratification and clinical decision support systems, and building personalized, patient-focused tools that enable them to change aspects of their lifestyle and take more control of their own health.

“The complexity of this challenge requires a multi-disciplinary team with complementary technologies and an unwavering focus on the patient and their needs,” said Grace Terrell, CEO of Envision. “The partners bring together world-class genomic data analysis and clinical interpretation, high-performance computing and storage, digital health tools and experience of redesigning patient-focused healthcare models.”

The reference architecture for GIRO Health will be built on IBM’s current and future Power Systems, which will provide the outstanding performance, GPU acceleration and scaling required to generate faster insights and better patient outcomes. “IBM has been privileged to work with this team. We believe that IBM’s high-performance compute, parallel file system and resources schedulers provide the foundational architecture needed to build a truly scalable platform,” said Janis Landry-Lane, Global Sales, IBM Systems. Bruce Jones, IBM Technology Evangelist adds, “Precision Medicine is critical for the future of medicine, and this collaborative initiative with GIRO Health will have a huge impact in both the clinic and personal management of disease.”