We know it’s hard to believe, but right now there are still some people who haven’t made up their minds to come to the 2019 Festival. Lucky for them we plan for every eventuality, and have prepared the five main reasons everyone should be registering their place at the event right now. 

  1. Our best line-up ever 
    With senior speakers from the UK government, the NHS, Wellcome Sanger Institute, and a host of public and private organisations, ranging across the breadth of clinical, pharma and data, the Festival is the best place to hear insightful talks and learn more about your industry and the wider life sciences sector. This year we have talks and panels on AI, multi-omics, translational capabilities in pharma, CRISPR and a hundred other topics – check out our agenda to find out all the best talks for you. 
  2. Make a difference
    Ever wanted to feel like you’re contributing to something that really matters? There is no better way to get a comprehensive portrait of genomics and see your work in context than at this Festival. It’s the attendees, you, that we need to help us deliver the benefits of genomics faster. You are given a voice to contribute to very important discussions, with world experts in the field of genomics. Speak with experts from around the world, discuss ideas with peers, and take back knowledge you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. 
  3. Free bubbly!
    Who doesn’t love a cheeky bev? This year we will be hosting drinks, courtesy of Qiagen, to make sure you aren’t too overwhelmed by all the Festival fun. Make sure you don’t miss out: the networking drinks are set for 17:00 on 23 January, in the main exhibition area. Relax (not too much), unwind, and let the festival speakers and FLG staff know how much their hard work is appreciated!
  4. Careers & Poster Zone
    Looking for a job in genomics? We’ve got you covered. Our exclusive careers zone may help you find the job you’ve always been looking for, with careers postings across the whole life sciences sector. Whether you’re interested in working with data, pharmaceuticals or in the clinical sector, you can find the job for you. 
  5. Innovation Showcase
    From 11 till 12 on the first day of the Festival, we’ll be hosting our Innovation Showcase: a rapid-fire series of talks on the latest innovations and technologies coming out of the life sciences field. With talks from Cambridge Epigenetix, Genomes.io and the Wellcome Sanger Institute, we’re certain that there’s something there to get you thinking and educate even the most expert of our attendees. 

Of course, these are just five of the main reasons to come: We haven’t even mentioned our brilliant Tree of Life café, bioinformatics rant and under-wraps genomics feature film, screened right at our Festival! With that many reasons to come, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist – so we’ll see you there! 

There are limited free places available for the Festival for end-users – why not register now to secure your place?