Press Releases

23 March 2018

Cofactor Genomics Partners With the National Cancer Institute

Cofactor Genomics, the developer of advanced RNA analysis tools, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the National Cancer Institute, to demonstrate the clinical utility of its immune-profiling assay, Cofactor Paragon.

19 February 2018

QIAGEN to Aquire STAT-Dx

QIAGEN enters into agreement to acquire STAT-Dx, plans to launch a next-generation, fully integrated multiplex platform for syndromic disease testing in second half 2018 in Europe and later in the U.S.

14 February 2018

NHGRI: Developing a 2020 Vision for Genomics

NHGRI launches a new strategic plan to identify areas in genomics that will expand the field into new frontiers and enable novel applications to human health and disease.