Our third annual Festival of Genomics London took place on January 30th-31st, 2018. For those of you who couldn’t make the trip out to London, we’ve uploaded the presentation slides for you so you don’t miss out!


Day 1  

Stage 1 


Sir Malcolm Grant, Chairman, NHS England – What will follow the first one hundred thousand genomes in the NHS?

Zisis Kozlakidis, Innovation Fellow and ISBER President, UCL – Tracking viruses in space and time

Anna Middleton, Head of Society & Ethics Research, Connecting Science, Wellcome Genome Campus – Your DNA, your say – public attitudes towards genomic data sharing

Catalina Lopez-Correa, CSO, Genome BC – Building a coordinated ecosystem to implement genomics in the health care system in BC



Stage 2


Misha Kapushesky, Founder and CEO, Genestack – Omics platforms made easy

David Koepsell, CEO, EncrypGen – Lawyers, genes, and money: How blockchains can revolutionize genomics (and other ‘omics)

Birep Aygün, Scientific Advisor, Human Genetics, Suisse Life Science Group Omar Fogliadini, Chief Innovation Officer, Suisse Life Science Group – Making DNA meaningful and actionable for population health interventions

Thomas Keane, Head of EVA/EGA/ENA archive infrastructure, EMBL-EBI – The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health: Enabling international human data sharing


 Live Lounge


Notis Gasparis, CTO, EncrypGen & Richard Taylor, CMO, EncrypGen – Gene-Chain™: Blockchain solution for protecting, sharing and re-marketing Genomic Data

Rafael Rosengarten, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Genialis – Designing software for biologists? Keep it simple stupid!




Day 2


Stage 1


Sian Ellard, Professor of Genomic Medicine, University of Exeter – ACGS Session: Standardisation of variant interpretation and reports

John Whittaker, VP, Statistical Platforms and Technologies, GSK – Genomics and drug discovery

Geir Klinkenberg, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF – Drug discovery using an integrated omics approach and functional cell-based screening

Joo Wook Ahn, Lead Genome Informatics, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – ACGS Session: How writing code will realise clinical genomics

Nicky Whiffin, Postdoc Bioinformatician, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, Imperial College London – ACGS Session: Establishing variant pathogenicity in inherited cardiac conditions

Chris Mattocks, Head of Technical Services, Development & IT , Wessex Regional Genetics Laboratory  ACGS Session: Reverse complement PCR: fast, low-cost amplicon based NGS

Chris Wragg, Lead Cancer Scientist, Bristol Genetics Laboratory/ ACGS – ACGS Session: How Cancer genomes are transforming care


Stage 2 


Beverley Isherwood, Associate Director, AstraZeneca – Leveraging CRISPR/Cas9 to transform drug target discovery

Graham Taylor, Scientific Director, Clinical Genomics, ViaPath, King’s College London – End of the road for short read sequencing?

Wieland Keilholz, Field Applications Scientist, BD Biosciences A  targeted approach to massively parallel single-cell analysis

Mike Stubbington, Principal Staff Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute – The Human Cell Atlas: How to build a human


Stage 4


Sarah Haywood, Chief Executive Officer, MedCity – 2018: The year of the UK’s Genomics Revolution

Luca Magnani, Senior Research Fellow/Team Leader, Imperial College London – Diving into the dark matter of the cancer genome

Cheryl Berlin, Principal Genetic Counsellor – Cancer Lead, NW Thames Regional Genetics Service – AGNC session: Mainstreaming genetics: strife and struggles

Gemma Chandratillake, Education & Training Lead, East of England Genomic Medicine Centre – AGNC session: A negative result from genomic sequencing: what a genetic counsellor should know

Christine Patch, Clinical Lead for Genetic Counselling, Genomics England –  AGNC session: What ‘generation genome’ may mean for genetic counsellors



Live Lounge    


Beverly Searle, CEO, Unique – Understanding Chromosome & Gene Disorders, Arti Patel, Information Officer, Unique – Understanding Chromosome & Gene DisordersJillian Hastings Ward, Chair of the Participant Panel, 100,000 Genomes Project, Genomics England and Mariana Campos, Membership and Public Engagement Manager, Genetic Alliance UK – For patients, with patients: learning from patient experiences to maximise the benefit of clinical genomics