The annual meeting of the ASHG will be taking place in Vancouver this month, and ahead of what promises to be an exciting week of the very best in research and business in genomics, we’re giving you a little look behind the curtain at what to expect from this year’s gathering. 

Breakfast AND genomics you say? Tell me more…

Two chances to learn and see how genomic big data is delivering precision medicine

Join the Genomes for Breakfast ASHG Workshops

On October 19th, hear how the world’s leading precision medicine initiatives are solving the unprecedented challenge of storing and efficiently mining population-scale sequence data.

On October 20th, learn how creating a working internet of DNA will lead to improved clinical validation, and how advances in predictive modelling and deep learning are ready to change how we approach genomic big data.

Visit the Big Data Lab at ASHG Booth 1318

For hands-on experience of solving complex genetic challenges in minutes. Walk-up and select a genomic big data case to solve from figuring out a rare disease 5-year odyssey in minutes, to identifying cancer risk variants, and mining and interpreting 20,000 WES in seconds.

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