survival kit

Packing just the essentials… / Image via Flickr/Khuroshvili Ilya

Next week, the largest gathering of geneticists in the world will take place in Vancouver. Eight thousand people from around the world, all gathered for the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics. To get you ready to get the most out of your ASHG experience, the Society have put together a series of videos to help you with everything from networking to navigating the new items on the (extensive) agenda.

If you’re like me, networking is pretty intimidating as it is, without the added pressure of thousands of people! Luckily, there are several different networking-focussed events designed to take the terror out of small talk and help you make those all-important career connections.¬†

Likewise, as a first-time ASHG attendee you may also be relatively new to the world of genetics. So be sure to make the most of the event’s extensive programme for trainees!

Finally, take a moment to find out what attendees found most helpful at previous meetings. And be sure to have a fantastic week in Vancouver!