Non-Coding RNA and Cancer

2 November 2017

David Smith from the Mayo Clinic explains why it’s important to sift through the junk RNA.

17 October 2017

CRISPR Screening: Tips & Tricks

Download our new white paper to learn more about the decisions you will have to make to ensure your CRISPR screens are successful.

13 September 2017

Cancer Treatment Just Got Smarter

How genomics is changing the face (again) of clinical cancer care. Cancer is complicated – it’s also very clever.

11 August 2017

Not the CRISPR Rival We Hoped For

Nature Biotechnology announced that they were officially retracting a paper published in May 2016 last week, which claimed to demonstrate how a novel technique could perform gene editing in mammalian cells.

13 July 2017

Do Genetics Shape Human Identity?

Researchers explore how the discoveries of basic knowledge and technologies that can alter our genes, cells and tissues may affect what it means to be human.

11 July 2017

Taking on Rare Diseases with A.I.

FDNA fights rare genetic diseases through artificial intelligence (A.I.) with its clinical utility, Face2Gene, a genetic search and reference application for doctors.