Artificial intelligence and high powered super computing offer untold potential for making the most of genomic data and driving the development of precision medicine. Just look at IBM Watson for genomics (and their recent partnership with Illumina), or the work of companies like Sophia Genetics. Multiple areas from medicine to research could benefit from the development of superintelligent AI.

But according new tech spawns new anxieties, says scientist and philosopher Grady Booch. Any conversation about AI or machine learning invariably ends up in references to Skynet, or the Master Control Program. In this recent TED talk, Booch attempts to allay some of those sci-fi induced fears about superintelligent computers, arguing that part of AI development will involve teaching them to share human values, rather than simply programming them. Rather than worry about an unlikely existential threat, he urges us to consider how artificial intelligence will enhance human life.

What do you think: does the potential benefit of AI outweigh the potential risks?

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