Two years on from Radiolab’s first show about CRISPR, the “ninja-assassin-meets-DNA-editing-tool”, the show has revisited the technology for the latest episode of the podcast. Because in their words, “has gone banana crazy.” To put it mildly. We’ve seen patent-powered madness, a mad rush to human trials, a Jennifer Lopez TV show, some seriously inflated IPOs, and even a bit of bubble-bursting shark jumping. And that’s before we get on to some of the extremely cool science that people have been doing with CRISPR. 

Radiolab’s first episode about CRISPR was misleadingly titled ‘Antibodies, Part 1’. There was never a part two. Until now!

“In this episode, we catch up on what’s been happening (it’s a lot), and learn about CRISPR’s potential to not only change human evolution, but every organism on the entire planet.”

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